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Below is some information on people involved with IOCA music collections over the years. If you know any of these folks, or have any information, please let us know.

Dick and Beth Best

The later editions of the IOCA Song Fest collection were edited by Dick and Beth Best. Their full names, as indicated by the Library of Congress, were Richard Lundelius Best and Beth Arlene Best. According to the prefaces in the Song Fest books, Dick was a member of the Cornell class of 1944, and Beth was a member of the Radcliffe (now Harvard) class of 1947. Dick passed away some years ago, but as of summer 2005, Beth was still living in New Hampshire.

Will Brown

Will Brown, along with Gerry Richmond, wrote the "Preface to the Original Collection". According to the signature on the preface, Will was in the Dartmouth class of 1937. Will was involved with music and singing his entire life, and remained friends with Beth Best upto his death in 2005. His name has come up often in relation to the Song Fest collection, and any more information on his involvement would be greatly appreciated.

Gerry Richmond

Gerry Richmond, along with Will Brown, wrote the "Preface to the Original Collection". According to the signature on the preface, Gerry was in the Brown class of 1936. Any information on his involvement with the collection would be greatly appreciated.

Lou Heermance and John Ehrenfeld

Louise Heermance and John Ehrenfeld are the two signatures on the "Forward" of the IOCA Barn Dance. I have not been able to determine their level of involvement in the Song Fest collection. Lou's signature includes "M.S.C.O.C '42", and John's includes "A.O.C. '41". These apear to be acronyms for college outing clubs. Any information on these two would be very helpful.

David Hunt

David Hunt created the illustrations used in "The New Song Fest" and "The New Song Fest Deluxe".

Eileen Chandler

Eileen Chandler illustrated the 1948 edition of "Song Fest".

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